GEIST  is an NGO trying to give inspiration for everyone to move towards a sustainable lifestyle and to choose the right sustainable system solutions. Geist is a Swedish word that means empower for action. Our vision is that some of our initiatives will empower you to take action for rescuing our common home, Planet Earth. Every single small step in a sustainable direction matters.     

Our last initiative "Recipes for a Wounded planet"  involves resilience adapted poverty eradication by introduction of new eating and sanitation habits in combination with small-scale Eco-Friendly farming, where the soil is a homestead for our non-talking partners and not a substrate.  The introduction of our sprout mix opens up an ocean of opportunities to create food security even under severe droughts.

Soilification toilets for the production of topsoil will be passing the pit latrine era to history. By using solar dryers and/or biogas for food preparation millions of lives can be saved by avoiding the killing smoke from fireplaces. The initiative embraces all of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can read more here

We  also trying to promote production of  biomethane for vehicles using grass,organic waste and energycrops as digester feedstock combined with synthetic diesel also using the around 40% carbondioxide component in biogas.

GEIST has been pioneering the use of grass as a feedstock for biogas production, thus increasing the biogas and biofertilizer potential to pave the way for self-sufficiency of Eco-Friendly food and renewable vehicle fuel on a global level. Members of Geist have been pioneering the use of biogas as a vehicle fuel in Sweden, now having the most biogas cars per capita in the world. There are now over 160 fuel filling stations for biogas in Sweden.

Leaving factory farming, fracking and promotion of a vegan diet are also some of our key issues.